Flying Tiger Concessions LLC, in Monroe, Michigan
Owners Jennie & Larry (Joe) Burt
Call 419.349.8310 Joe or
419.346.4475 for Jennie or

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Our Menu


We run our trailer the majority of the year as a Mexican Eats/ Walking Taco Concession.


Our Menu has the following items;


Walking Tacos using Dorito Chips

Soft Flour Tacos

Hard Corn Tacos

Nachos Cheese ONLY

Loaded Nachos with Everything & Meat

Quesadilla, Cheese & Everything options

Fajitas with Chicken, grilled peppers & onions.

Sweet Bites, filled fried empanda

dough with apples or strawberry

cheese cake filling..

We serve Can Pop and Bottled Water, iced down early so it's REALLY cold when you're ready to cool off with a nice drink.

We offer real cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, real sour cream, taco sauce and jalapenos on every order that we serve. 

Apple Fries and Reuben Rolls!

Fall Festival Food.

    After Labor Day we book the trailer with a completely different product. We offer Apple Fries (with and without Ice Cream) and Reuben Rolls.


Fresh & Fast

We go to Mexican Town to purchase

The Freshest Tortillas for the trailer.  Every day we hand cut and fry our Nacho Chips and Hard Shells. Every morning you'll see a flurry of activity in our trailer as we get ready for the day, chopping fresh tomatoes, slicing and grilling fresh peppers and onions for our fajitas and stocking our refrigerators with real cheese, sour cream and taco sauce.